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If you are looking for inspiration to create a weekly meal plan, you’re in the right place! 

Every week we share a meal plan that is loaded with easy-to-make recipes and full of variety so you can find joy in your kitchen and explore new flavours.  Each week we include at least one internationally inspired dish, one fish meal, and often at least one use for leftovers.

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MEAL PLAN: Week 47

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Main Dish: Dive into nostalgia with Fish Sticks featuring fresh haddock—crispy, golden, and full of flavor, they’ll transport you back to childhood memories.

Side Dish: Indulge in a side of crispy Potato Wedges—a perfect match for your fish sticks, guaranteed to satisfy your cravings for something savory.


Main Dish: Experience a fusion of flavors with Asian Style BBQ Sticky Chicken, where tender chicken is infused with sweet and tangy Asian-inspired barbecue sauce, served alongside grilled summer veggies for a complete meal bursting with taste.


Main Dish: Warm your soul with comforting Shepherd’s Pie—a hearty dish filled with savory meat and vegetables, topped with creamy mashed potatoes.

Side Dish: Enjoy flaky and buttery Buttermilk Biscuits, the perfect accompaniment to your Shepherd’s Pie, adding an extra touch of homemade goodness.


Main Dish: Savor the taste of Healthier Sloppy Joes—deliciously messy and full of flavor, these leaner Sloppy Joes will keep you satisfied without the guilt.

Side Dish: Refresh your palate with a vibrant Panzanella Salad, showcasing the flavors of ripe tomatoes, crispy bread, and a tangy vinaigrette.


Main Dish: Spice up your evening with Southwestern Pork Stuffed Peppers, a fiesta of flavors where tender pork is stuffed into bell peppers and baked to perfection.

Side Dish: Dive into the Best Guacamole Recipe—an irresistible combination of creamy avocados, zesty lime, and a kick of spice that will elevate your meal to new heights.

Dessert: Indulge in a slice of heavenly Peaches and Cream Pie—a luscious treat that combines the juiciness of fresh peaches with a silky cream filling and a buttery crust, promising a burst of summer flavors in every bite.


This week’s meal plan is a culinary adventure, taking you on a journey through a variety of flavors and textures. From nostalgic comfort food to vibrant and bold dishes, each recipe is designed to bring excitement to your table and inspire you to try new things. So, grab your apron, sharpen your knives, and let’s dive into a week of delicious meals and delightful surprises. Bon appétit!