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There’s Always something Cooking with Alain.

The Kilted Chef
The Kilted Chef20 hours ago

Awesome seafood Expo Boston, Massachusetts busy busy busy always a pleasure to work with the team Prince Edward Aqua Farms promoting PEI Mussels check it out.

Alain Bosse20 hours ago
Boston seafood was an awesome show see you soon Boston and thank you to @jerrybidgood inviting me to the team Prince Edward Aqua farm
The Kilted Chef
The Kilted Chef is attending an event at Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.3 days ago
Photos from The Kilted Chef's post
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

day one of the Seafood Expo North America what a busy show. Prince Edward Aqua Farms Inc featuring bacon tarragon mussels check it out thanks Larch Wood Canada

Alain Bosse3 days ago
Day #1 Boston Seafood Expo part of @princeedwardaquafarm @pei_mussels @jerrybidgood feature bacon tarragon mussels big hit
Alain Bosse4 days ago
The Kilted Chef
The Kilted Chef1 week ago

Behind the camera Saltscapes Magazine upcoming issue.
Sunday afternoon shoot, Hope you will enjoy.

The Kilted Chef