Food For Thought

Every session is interactive and engaging. There is no script, Alain and Peter will share their insights and tips that come from a common passion for food and the food industry. Your audience will never think about food and grocery shopping the same way again! 

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Culinary Demonstrations / Keynote Speaker

Alain can present one of his highly popular “Mussels or Lobster 101” demonstrations or customize an experience that will engage and entertain your audience.

Executive Chef / Product Ambassador

Alain is a passionate culinary ambassador, experienced in promoting amazing food and food brands to audiences and markets around the world. If you’re looking to grow your profile, the Kilted Chef knows how to help.

Restaurant Design / Makeover Consulting

From new restaurant planning, design and launches to re-inventing existing restaurants, Chef Alain has experience in all aspects of creating spaces that are efficient, economical and inviting.

Recipe Development

Whether you’re a producer or restaurateur who wants new ideas, numerous businesses have trusted Chef Alain’s creativity to put new twists on food.

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New Product Consulting

Alain’s expertise in perfecting recipes, food production technique, portioning, packaging and more can set your product up for retail success.

Food Styling & Writing

From product reviews to educational content or mouth-watering imagery, the Kilted Chef can help create amazing food content.

Team Building Workshops

Cooking together is a great team building exercise. Let us use the power of food to help make your people a stronger group. And, you get to eat the food. Everyone can agree that’s a bonus.

Trade Shows

Whether it’s promoting a new product or your entire product line, The Kilted Chef knows how to draw a crowd to your booth. And if you’re a tradeshow organizer, Chef Alain on centre stage is guaranteed to entertain and educate attendees.