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    In this ebook you will find all the recipes featured on the Kilted Chef's 3:00 p.m. live Facebook show from it's inception in March all the way through until the end of May. Also included are colorful photographs and smattering of viewer comments. E-Book Landing Page: https://dashboardliving.lpages.co/cooking-without-a-kilt-ebook

  • With love and care your wooden items should last for decades. This food safe wood paste is suitable for cutting boards, children's wooden toys, countertops, furniture, a paste for all things wood. Ingredients: Food Grade Mineral Oil, (seeps into the wood and prevents the wood from becoming dry) Beeswax (seals & protects the surface) Carnauba wax (adds a barrier to the wood surface that resists water penetration)
  • This truly is a versatile seasoning. Enjoy it on beef, chicken, pork, or lamb, fabulous on grilled vegetables and the perfect accompaniment to avocado toast! The flavor starts out with a bit of kick followed by sweet finish provided by the addition of maple sugar. The multitude of uses are only limited by your imagination! So, are you ready to get Hot Under the Kilt?
  • These beautiful spatulas are handcrafted out of white birch in Bakerbrook New Brunswick by Carver extraordinaire Luc Cyr. Because each piece is done by hand no two are the same ensuring that yours is a one-of-a-kind piece. Each spatula then has the kilted chef logo handburned onto the piece. No need to season before using simply rinse and enjoy.
  • Exclusive to Kilted Chef! Hand carved multi tool that we have affectionately named The Kilted Chef Spoontula. One end is a spreader while the other end effectively adds a "Kilted Chef measure" to what ever you are cooking. Or use one end to stir and the other end to sample. The uses are endless! Each one is made by hand in Baker Brook New Brunswick by master carver Luc Cyr and each is uniquely individual. Great companion to the Kilted Chef spatula!
  • Grilling just got a lot Better... and Safer! This scraper is a safe natural BBQ grill cleaner. As you use the Juniper BBQ Scraper, grooves form matching your grill. It is these grooves that offer a deep clean without the risk of dangerous bristles getting into your food. Each Juniper BBQ Scraper is handcrafted from 100% Canadian juniper (tamarack) which is locally harvested from sustainable forests. Juniper BBQ Scraper is the all-natural wood solution to keeping your BBQ ready to grill and you and your family safe.
  • Mussels

    The story of Mussels starts with "the humble mussel, a shellfish so unassuming that the impact it had on the two of us was quite unexpected," as the authors—the "Kilted Chef" Alain Bossé and his good friend "Mussel Mama" Linda Duncan—of this book say. When these two met, they discovered they shared an identical passion: to get the word about this sensational seafood out to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. This cookbook, Mussels, is the satisfying result. It includes 77 recipes for using mussels in every type of dish, from where you would expect them—in appetizers, salads and mains—to where they are a delightful, whimsical surprise—in pickles, pies and cocktails. Mussel Strudel, anyone? Mussels is for anyone who is passionate about mussels and looking for new ways to cook and eat them. This mighty mollusc has long been a staple on restaurant menus but many people still hesitate to cook mussels at home. This book shows how easy it is to choose, store and cook this healthy and tasty seafood. Everyone who wants to can now cook mussels with confidence. Note: Only books sold on our site will be hand signed and personalized if requested.

    The Acadian Kitchen can be purchased elsewhere online: Amazon.ca , Amazon.com and at Indigo / Chapters

  • These cotton bib aprons are perfect for ensuring you stay clean while you create! Made of 100% cotton they wash well and are sure to be a handy tool in the kitchen for years to come! Available in Apple Green and Safron, one size fits all.
  • These beautiful hand thrown pieces are a collaboration between the Kilted Chef and Potter Sarah Bonnyman who studio can be found in Tatamagouche Nova Scotia.What sets a salt pig aside from other vessels is that the outside is glazed and the inside is not. The absence of glaze on the inside prevents moisture from being absorbed by the salt. These individual works of art are meant to sit beside the stove for quick and easy access when seasoning during cooking.
  • The aroma of rappie pies baking in the oven, rich fragrant broth bubbling on the stovetop for the evening’s fricot, buckwheat pancakes frying in a cast-iron skillet-these are the tastes and smells of traditional Acadian cooking, brought to life in “The Kilted Chef Alain Bosse’s new book, The Acadian Kitchen: Recipes from Then and Now.  

    The Acadian Kitchen is a landmark guide to Acadian history, culture and the time-honoured foods that define its one-of-a-kind heritage. With chapters on chowders, pies, preserves, classic desserts and much more, The Acadian Kitchen captures an extensive variety of Acadian dishes, both new and old.

    Note: Only books sold on our site will be hand signed and personalized if requested.

    The Acadian Kitchen can be purchased elsewhere online: Amazon.ca , Amazon.com and at Indigo/Chapters

  • The key to keeping garlic fresh is storing it in a dry place with lots of air circulation. And if you can do that in an absolutely beautiful pottery vessel, all the better! Designed and made by Monica Decampo of Monicats Studio in Digby, Nova Scotia, this garlic keeper would look stunning in any type of decor!

    $99 when purchased with our oil cruet.

  • You've been admiring the olive oil cruet we use on our show and now you can get your own. We're excited to be working with Potter Monica  DeCampo of Monicat Studios located in Digby, Nova Scotia to design an exclusive Kilted Chef olive oil cruet. With hand-painted designs and divots for better control, this tool makes a beautiful addition to any kitchen!

    $99 when paired with our garlic keeper.