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Creamed Lobster

The largest lobster fleet in Nova Scotia along the province’s Southwestern coast kicked off their season on yesterday. These hearty souls will fish for our treasured lobster for the next 6 months, wrapping up their season as the end of May. As a tribute to them and the hard work they do, this week’s recipe is a traditional one that is found mostly in Southwest Nova Scotia and one I learned from some great friends in the area. This dish started as a staple that fishermen would prepare on board when they were out at sea. Creamed lobster is about as simple as it gets, it is basically four ingredients, but with ingredients like this, how can you go wrong? You will need fresh lobster meat, butter, cream, and vinegar. Now I might have lost a few of you at vinegar, but trust me it’s essential to the dish. You will find creamed lobster on many menus throughout the Yarmouth Acadian region and ninety percent of the time it will be served on toast. It’s quite often served as a Christmas meal as well and no wonder … it’s rich, decadent and especially memorable!

Makes 3


2-3 cups fresh cooked lobster meat
1/4 to 1/2 cup butter
2-5 tsp vinegar
2 cups cream – this recipe uses half whipping cream (35%) and half blend (10%)
salt and pepper, to taste


Cut cooked lobster lobster into chunks. In a frying pan, sauté lobster in butter for several minutes until the lobster absorbs the butter and the edges just start to crisp (but don’t ‘fry’ the lobster).

Add vinegar and stir until the liquid evaporates. (NOTE: The amount of vinegar depends on how tart you prefer your creamed lobster. Be sure to add the vinegar in small quantities until you achieve the desired taste).

Add cream and stir until the cream is heated (but not to boiling). Season to taste.

Serve over mashed potatoes, toast or in a bowl on its own.