The Kilted Chef 2022 Gift Guide

We’ve compiled some of our favourite products from 2022 to help you find inspiration for your gift-giving this year.  Most are available for purchase online (to make your life easier) and we know you’ll find some great gift ideas here.  Whether you’re looking for holiday gifts, stocking stuffers or host/hostess gifts over the holidays, we’re excited to share this list with you.

 In no particular order, we present to you the first annual Kilted Chef Gift Guide.

Foodie Gift Guide Kilted Chef

Liquid Gold Olive Oils

If you know anything about us, you know that we are obsessed with all things olive oil and coincidentally that happens to be the website for our favorite olive oil company – Liquid Gold.

We absolutely love their Oleo Diario as our everyday oil but also keep a supply of other oils from Liquid Gold on and for when we’re in the mood for something special. Their balsamic vinegars are rich and flavorful.  We love them all from the deep rich fig to the light and citrusy ginger lime. Also available in gift packs for holiday giving.

Where to buy: Online at or in stores across Atlantic Canada

kilted chef gift guide

Grilling Mats

We’ve been using grilling mats for so long that we just assumed everyone already knew about this grilling secret!  Grilling mats are amazing because they allow you to grill things that would otherwise “fall through the cracks” like vegetables, kabobs, etc.  We use ours all the time and love them.

Where to buy: Online at Warmth By Design 

grilling mat gift guide

The Kilted Chef Brigade

This is the ultimate gift for the foodie in your life.  The Brigade is a foodie community where you’ll gain the confidence and skills you need to take your cooking and entertaining to the next level.  Experience the joy of cooking and learning with like-minded foodies in this one-of-a-kind community.

For the first time ever, we’re offering a special 6-month membership.  Perfectly priced for gift-giving and a great option if you’ve been thinking about joining yourself.

Where to buy: Online at

Falavory Soup Mixes

We are definitely soup people (and love making from scratch) but sometimes we just don’t have the time and that’s where the Falavory soup mixes come in.  These handy packages contain all the seasoning to make delicious soups.  Their products produce some of the best soups I’ve had!  We’re currently obsessed with the so cheesy broccoli, creamy seafood chowder and Dad’s hamburger – but there are a lot more to choose from!

Consider using them as stocking stuffers, or do what I plan to do and use them as gift tags on gifts!

Where to buy:  Online at 

Big Cove Taco Enhancer

We love Big Cove Foods, not just because they are located in our own backyard and not even because they produce our own spice line. We love them because their products are awesome!  Just ask anyone!

We’re big fans of their Taco enhancer and we love that you can add some to sour cream for a quick and easy chip dip or, if you’re feeling fancy, add some ground beef, salsa, and cheese for a delicious tex mix dip!

Where to buy: Online at or in stores across Atlantic Canada

kilted chef gift guide

Kilted Chef Spatulas

These beautiful wooden spatulas are both functional and lovely to work with (and perfect for stocking stuffers). Handmade in Baker Brook, New Brunswick they’re a fan favorite in the Kilted Chef community.

Where to buy:  Online at

Mrs. McGregor Shortbreads

There are shortbreads and then there are Mrs. McGregor’s shortbreads!  These cookies are in a League of their own. Made from a recipe passed down from Mrs. McGregor’s mother, the shortbreads are buttery, crispy, and absolutely addictive.  They’re available in a variety of flavors but we love the traditional and the oatmeal best.

Where to buy: Online at or at various retailers in Atlantic Canada\

shortbreads kilted chef gift idea

Larchwood Cutting Boards

Handcrafted in Margaret Cape Breton, we consider boards a lifetime investment. This is the kind of board that you’ll never have to replace – in fact, you’ll be handing them down when you’re finished with it.  Available in various sizes and price points, these boards are stunning, durable and a thing of beauty.

Where to buy: Online at or at retailers across Atlanta, Canada

larchwood cutting board gift

Bramble Hill Microgreens

These nifty little packages turn into grow-your-own microgreen kits. Everything you need is included with minimal waste or extra packaging. These kits make great teaching tools for the kids or wonderful stocking stuffers. You can even treat your favourite feline with a kit that will grow cat grass.

Where to buy:  Online at  

microgreens growing kit

Steinhart Distillery Irish Cream Liqueur

As a long-time drinker of Bailey’s Irish cream, I’m always thrilled to have a local replacement.  Switching to Steinhart’s Irish Cream wasn’t a sacrifice of flavor or quality. In fact, it was an upgrade!

Where to buy:  Online at 

Comeau’s Assorted Seafood Dips

Holidays and dips that go hand in hand, and these seafood dips are perfect for sharing. We are particularly fond of the shrimp dip but also keep the lobster and smoked salmon dip on hand just in case.  Available at Sobeys stores across Atlantic Canada.

Where to buy: Online at :

seafood dip

Moonshine Creeks Gingersnap Liqueur

Moonshine Creek has paired up with Crosby’s molasses to come up with this incredible liqueur. Whether you use it for sipping by the fire or in your baking, it is a holiday must-have!  We would also be remiss if we didn’t mention the fact that they are responsible for bringing us the chicken bone liqueur craze! 

Where to buy:  Available in New Brunswick liquor stores, select Nova Scotia liquor stores or online at  

ginger snap liqueur

Hardysares Traffic Jam

We came for the name and we stayed for the flavor!

Hardywares is an artisanal small-batch company located in Sheet Harbor. They have a large selection of jams, jellies, pickles and relishes but we think their Traffic Jam is perfect for the holidays, made with cherries, cranberries, raspberries, strawberries, and rhubarb it’s the best of all worlds!

Find them in stores across Atlantic Canada (sorry, this one’s not available online but it’s worth the trip).

jam gift ideas

Cornect Family Farm Honey and Cranberry Chutney

We tried this honey & cranberry chutney several years ago and can honestly say we haven’t purchased cranberry sauce from anywhere else since.  Sweetened with honey, it’s the perfect gift for anyone who has dietary or diabetic issues.

Where to buy: Cornet Family Farm is located in Guysborough, Nova Scotia and their products are available in various shops around the Maritimes.  Learn more at

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