• These cotton bib aprons are perfect for ensuring you stay clean while you create! Made of 100% cotton they wash well and are sure to be a handy tool in the kitchen for years to come! Available in Apple Green and Safron, one size fits all.
  • These beautiful spatulas are handcrafted out of white birch in Bakerbrook New Brunswick by Carver extraordinaire Luc Cyr. Because each piece is done by hand no two are the same ensuring that yours is a one-of-a-kind piece. Each spatula then has the kilted chef logo handburned onto the piece. No need to season before using simply rinse and enjoy.
  • Exclusive to Kilted Chef! Hand carved multi tool that we have affectionately named The Kilted Chef Spoontula. One end is a spreader while the other end effectively adds a "Kilted Chef measure" to what ever you are cooking. Or use one end to stir and the other end to sample. The uses are endless! Each one is made by hand in Baker Brook New Brunswick by master carver Luc Cyr and each is uniquely individual. Great companion to the Kilted Chef spatula!
  • Grilling just got a lot Better... and Safer! This scraper is a safe natural BBQ grill cleaner. As you use the Juniper BBQ Scraper, grooves form matching your grill. It is these grooves that offer a deep clean without the risk of dangerous bristles getting into your food. Each Juniper BBQ Scraper is handcrafted from 100% Canadian juniper (tamarack) which is locally harvested from sustainable forests. Juniper BBQ Scraper is the all-natural wood solution to keeping your BBQ ready to grill and you and your family safe.


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