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Great food is good for the body and soul. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned culinary adventurer, there’s no better feeling than cooking for yourself or a crowd. So, go ahead and dig into all kinds of inspiration about great food and local ingredients from The Kilted Chef.

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From local East Coast delicacies to new twists on timeless classics, the Kilted Chef is constantly cooking up deliciousness in the kitchen. Browse our extensive and always expanding selection of recipes. You don’t have to be a chef, you just need a little inspiration from one.

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There’s Always something Cooking with Alain.

The Kilted Chef
The Kilted Chef shared a post.18 hours ago

Love when a product comes to life check it out its awesome congrats Etienne Cant wait for our future project Lisa Clarke Johanne Bosse

The Kilted Chef
The Kilted Chef shared a post.20 hours ago

Halifax’s #GreatKitchenParty Podium
🥇 Barry Mooney of Fresh Twenty One
🥈 Michael Dolente of The Carleton
🥉 Greg Burns of Gio Restaurant

Alain Bosse22 hours ago
Halifax tonight judging the @greatkitchenparty Halifax addition 6 amazing chef's competing for a spot in final in Ottawa #localfood #kiltedchefalain
The Kilted Chef
The Kilted Chef is in Halifax, Nova Scotia.2 days ago

Lobster 101 and 🦞 sliders where a big hit tonight for a special Taste of Nova Scotia event special thanks Logan's Fish Market/North Nova Seafoods VegaDirect.ca Restaurant, Hotel, and Catering Supplies Company #love #lobster #novascotialobstercrawl

Alain Bosse2 days ago
101 of lobster and lobster sliders big hit @tasteofns event always a pleasure to be part of the team @novascotialobstercrawl @vegadirectinc #love #lobster #kiltedchefalain
Alain Bosse2 days ago
@novascotialobstercrawl summit all day talking strategies for the upcoming Feb event don't miss out it's going to be a fun tim